Blackanese - FourFifteen *NEW 4/15/14

go ahead and spread ya wings, and tell em to fly now//
lie down i can see that your weak, so good bye now//
ima…fuckin monster, better than what you seen/
a machine, when im writing these bars so fuck a scheme//

puffing, good green the greenary so legal//
she like nine teen, its barely but not illegal//
its that southern cali living, we live in, we get that feeling//
we like dream chase spacing, so basically we be illin//

my nigga, got those cut offs, fuck it, im getting swerved/
i mean turnt, so you know what i mean, we never learn//
in the morning i feel burnt, packing some trees to burn//
but the sertonin’s gone, im telling you its the worst//

how you doing miss, wanna hear a couple rhymes//
maybe do a couple lines, but i promise we dont go together//
but her name is hiphop and i dont know whats better//
its the flow or her legs i dont know whats wetter//

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